Many plants aren’t native to our own lands. When they’re from warmer areas, we need to protect them for them to survive and bloom. Here are a few tips.

Tips For Protecting Plants In Winter

In the toolkit of a gardener attentive to the maintenance of their vegetable garden and ornamental garden, there is certainly a horticultural fleece.
Winter Plant Covers

How to winterize your plants

So you splurged and treated yourself to a eucalyptus tree, an oleander, a mimosa tree, a lemon tree or an olive tree? Here is how to protect these plants over the cold season.
Winterizing plants

Citrus varieties, the main types to grow indoors and outside

Bright-colored fruit, packed with vitamins, citrus definitely bring sun and a happy way of life to mind, even at the heart of winter. Today, they’re grown in orchards all over the planet. In temperate climates, only milder regions grow them in fields, but many citrus varieties are grown in potted plants from North to South […]
Citrus varieties on display
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