Russian olive

Russian olive is a short tree that has beautiful silvery leaves. It’s an invasive plant in some areas. In others, it’s truly ornamental. Care.

How does Russian olive impact the environment?

Russian olive is a beautiful shrub, but in North America it’s declared unwelcome! This invasive shrub tends to out-compete native plants. In time, entire ecosystems are altered forever. So what makes Russian olive invasive? It hurts the environment! Interestingly, regular olive (Olea europaea) is also detrimental to the environment in some areas! Impact on the […]
Russian olive tree with many fruits

Where is Russian Olive invasive or native?

Russian olive, or Elaeagnus angustifolia, is native to Europe. On other continents, it is reported as an invasive species since it crowds native vegetation out. Here are a few maps that show the distribution of Russian olive
Invasive Russian Olive in Montana
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