The Ranunculaceae family includes a great many species. Each of these has cute flowers of many different colors. A pleasure to grow in the garden!

Black hellebore, stunning white flowers of Helleborus niger

Though it’s called black, the Helleborus niger flower is a pristine white color! Black hellebore key facts Botanical name – Helleborus niger Common name – black hellebore, white hellebore, Christmas rose Family – Ranunculaceae Type – perennial grassy flower
Black hellebore

Green hellebore species and varieties, quiet garden beauties

Hellebore flowers are usually white, pink or violet. But there are a lovely green ones, too! Green hellebore, key facts Botanical name – Helleborus viridis Common name – green hellebore Family – Ranunculaceae Type – perennial herbaceous flower
Green hellebore species
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