Greens & lettuce for every season

At the start of every meal or as a finishing touch, a few crisp, fresh greens always bring a touch of delight to your meal menus.
Four seasons greens in crates

Lettuce, tips on growing it

Lettuce is an easy salad plant to grow, which needs little space and is open to all, even if all you have is a terrace or balcony.
Different varieties of lettuce grown in a checkered pattern.

How to grow lettuce and salad

Learn how to sow, grow and harvest lettuce with this informative short video. You’ll want to pull out the rake from the shed and get to work in no time! Timing, season, spacing, sowing seeds and smart tips to harvest whole heads or individual leaves. Read more ►

Oakleaf, a delicious lettuce

Green, red or gold oakleaf lettuce is an easy lettuce to grow, that requires very little space, and is open to everyone, even if you only have a balcony. On your marks, get set, SOW!
laitue feuille de chêne
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