Perennial leek, delicious, tasty… and self-caring, too!

Perennial leek is a species that grows in the wild but can be cultivated. Leek sprouts anew from its bulbs year after year. Perennial leek, a summary Botanical name โ€“ Allium polyanthum Common names โ€“ Wild leek, perennial leek, many-flowered garlic Family โ€“ Alliaceae Type โ€“ Perennial vegetable Height โ€“ 1 foot (30cm) Exposure โ€“ […]
Perennial leek

No-treat vegetable patch: easy peasy

Experiment with companion planting which has by now proven its effectiveness in organic vegetable gardening. It’s easy, all pros and no cons: no treating and less work!
Easy growing for vegetables without even treating

Lots of leek grown easily

Leek is a vegetable that grows well in cooler climates and sowing and transplanting it at just the right time is crucial if you want to have a nice harvest. This video will do just the trick by teaching and showing you how to grow your leek, in under three minutes! Read more โ–บ
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