Leek, being an Allium, is a very healthy vegetable. Its long stalk is blanched by ridging, and harvest dates are in winter. Growing, varieties, care.

Perennial leek, delicious, tasty… and self-caring, too!

Perennial leek sprouts anew from its bulbs year after year. Perennial leek key facts: Botanical name – Allium polyanthum Common names – Wild leek, perennial leek, many-flowered garlic Family – Alliaceae Type – Perennial vegetable Height – 1 foot (30cm) Exposure – Sun to part shade Soil – any type, cool but well-draining Planting distance […]
Perennial leek

Leek and Ham Quiche, truly delicious

A delicious quiche with leek, ham and egg for starters or served as the main course. Leek Quiche recipe Number of people – 4 Preparation – 10 minutes Cooking – 35 minutes Level – Very easy Cut the quiche in 4 for a main course, in 6 or 8 for starters. Ingredients 1 shortcrust pastry […]
Leek and ham quiche in preparation

Grow lots of leek, a 2-minute tutorial video

Leek is a vegetable that grows well in cooler climates. Sowing and transplanting it at just the right time is crucial if you want to have a nice harvest. It’ll make for great leek quiche! This video will do just the trick by teaching and showing you how to grow leek, in under three minutes! […]

Onions all year round

Fresh onions in spring, preserves in winter: plant onions in your vegetable patch to provide for year-round availability in the kitchen!
onions all year round

Companion planting in the vegetable patch

Just like humans, vegetables also have friends and foes. Some families stimulate or protect each other. Other families tire each other out and make each other vulnerable. Companion planting is the art of pairing them well!
Raised beds with companion planting

Natural techniques for an organic vegetable patch

Chemical treatments are increasingly being banned across the planet thanks to the increased awareness of people. Growing “organic” vegetables has become mainstream, much more today than the fad it once was.
Natural tips for an organic vegetable patch

No-treat vegetable patch: easy peasy

Experiment with companion planting which has by now proven its effectiveness in organic vegetable gardening. It’s easy, all pros and no cons: no treating and less work!
Easy growing for vegetables without even treating

Spring sowing and planting in the vegetable patch

Spring is a busy season for planting and sowing, busy as in “buzzy” since bees and insects have joined the show in the vegetable patch! You need to clean, sow, repot, transplant, and more if you want to harvest
Rows of lettuce and radish sowed and planted in a spring vegetables patch.

An effortless veggie garden

Want to grow your own vegetables, but you’re never home? If you’re one of the persons who can only visit their garden once a week or less, go for a self-managing vegetable patch!
Vegetable patch with no maintenance

Onion fly, the reason why maggots are eating up your bulbs

A fly that is slightly larger than the common housefly, onion fly is a destructive pest for certain Alliaceae plants. Not only do they reproduce extremely fast, but the larvae trigger bulb rot and eat the bulbs out from the inside.
Onion fly
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