Very ornamental berry shrubs

Winter isn’t the season where our gardens bear the most flowers, but it still has every chance of boasting very nice colors with berry shrubs.
arbuste à baies

Magical holly!

Not only do elves and fairies hide in its branches. Birds do, too! They build their nest in it to protect their offspring

Butcher’s broom

Basic Butcher’s broom facts Name – Ruscus aculeatus Family – Asparagaceae Type – bush Height – 32 to 48 inches (80 to 120 cm) Exposure – shade Soil – cool Foliage – evergreen Planting butcher’s broom Equally good are spring and fall for specimens purchased in pots. Follow our advice on planting shrubs. Pruning butcher’s broom No pruning is […]

Holly, holler if it pricks you!

Holly is a shrub that grows in the wild in most areas of the world. It is famous across the globe for its pointed prickly leaves.
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