Heirloom vegetables

Heirloom vegetables are so named because of what they represent: the heritage of dozens of past generations. Usually more hardy than the rest, growing them is a tribute to the past.

Which vegetables to grow in winter?

There are several different vegetables that are hardy enough to the cold that you can still make the vegetable patch an enchanting place to be. Zoom in on kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, winter lettuce…
Winter vegetables

25 Vegetables that resist drought and dry spells

“Climate change”. Hard to have a day go by when this phrase isn’t heard in a conversation. And, like it or not, seasons are changing: frost dates are shifting, winters get milder, summer heat waves strike stronger, drought becomes a thing where it previously never was…
Drought-resistant vegetables

Cuor di bue, the original beefsteak tomato

The Cuor di Bue tomato is an heirloom tomato variety that grows true to seed every year. Cuor di Bue tomato key facts: Species: Solanum lycopersicum Commonly: Beefsteak, Cuor di Bue Family: Solanaceae (nightshade) Type: fruit vegetable
Cuor di bue tomato, here a small one

An effortless veggie garden

Want to grow your own vegetables, but you’re never home? If you’re one of the persons who can only visit their garden once a week or less, go for a self-managing vegetable patch!
Vegetable patch with no maintenance
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