Ficus ginseng

Ficus ginseng is often your first encounter with the world of bonsai. It’s often grafted to avail of the cutest leaves and those amazing, ginseng-like roots.

How to grow a Bonsai tree for beginners

The Egyptians were familiar with putting trees in pots to carry them around easily, then the Chinese did it because it looked good, but the Japanese are the people who became the true creators of the art of bonsai.
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Which air-purifying plant to get first?

As they breathe and grow, these plants purify pollutants out from the air… and they’re beautiful, too! Discover Ficus ginseng, Tillandsia andAnthurium, three plants that have what it takes to make your day!
Dracaena and ficus are two air-purifying plants, here filtering both light and air
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