Ornamental tobacco, beautiful flowers for a garden bed

Ornamental tobacco flowering in a garden

Truly unexpected as a garden plant, ornamental tobacco used to be outlawed. Today, local governments recognize that this ornamental plant doesn’t pose any health risks.

Ornamental tobacco, a short facts list

FamilySolanaceae or nightshade family
Type – perennial

Height – 20 to 60 inches (50 to 150 cm)
Exposure – full sun, part sun, shade
Soil – ordinary

Flowering – June to September

Planting ornamental tobacco

Ornamental tobacco is planted in April if purchased in nursery pots.

  • Add soil mix and, if possible, organic soil conditioner such as manure and seaweed.

If sowing from seed, better to consider sowing in a sheltered place during the month of March. Later on, transplant to nursery pots when the first leaves have appeared. Lastly, during the month of May, transfer to the soil enriched with a good soil mix and organic soil conditioner (again, manure and seaweed for instance).

Pruning ornamental tobacco

Remove wilted flowers regularly (deadheading).

Comments about ornamental tobacco

This perennial flowers abundantly all summer long. In a flower bed, along edges or even in a garden box, this plant will for sure provide you with an abundance of flowers. The fragrance, in addition, is truly unique.

It’s a one-of-a-kind plant to grow!

Ornamental tobacco is a host of cabbage butterfly. If you notice its caterpillars chewing away at leaves, remove them at once.

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Smart tip about ornamental tobacco

Flower tobacco also fits right into any bouquet prepared in a vase.

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Ornamental and beautiful by Eva-Marie Eberle under Pixabay license