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Royal fern, Osmunda regalis

Osmunda regalis

Royal fern is a massive fern that grows into tall clumps. Osmunda regalis, as it’s called, definitely has a kingly bearing!

Royal Fern or Osmunda facts

NameOsmunda regalis
Type – fern, perennial

Height – 5 feet (1.5 meters)
Exposure – part sun
Soil – rather moist

Foliage – deciduous
Flowering – none

Planting royal fern, osmunda

Planting royal fernSpring or fall.

Water abundantly after having planted your royal Osmunda.

Royal fern is a plant that loves water and shade. Perfect for planting near a body of water.

Royal fern in a pot

In pots, royal fern simply needs a lot of soil. Choose a rather large pot. The larger the pot, the bigger your fern will grow.

Repot every 3-4 years. Topdress every year or every two years. For shaded courtyards, this is a great plant to grow.

Propagating royal fern

Propagating royal fernPropagation is through crown division in spring.


Pruning royal fern, osmunda

Royal fern careThey don’t need any pruning. In fall, you can cut dried-out, brown leaves and pile them over the clump to protect it against deep freezing.

Fern leaf mulch is among the best ones to provide insulation against the cold. Perfect to winterize plants and protect roots and bulbs underground.

All there is to know about royal fern, osmunda

This fern displays a majestic bearing thanks to its height, but its lofty elegance also is appealing. It is perfect for shady, damp areas where the bright green fronds will bring color to your flower beds.

Smart tip about royal fern, osmunda

Keep the soil moist during summer heat waves.

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