Persian ironwood

parrotie parrotia perse

Persian Ironwood facts

Name – Parrotia persica
Family – Hamamelidaceae
Type – shrub

 – 20 to 25 feet (6 to 8 m)
Exposure – full sun to shade
Soil – rather acidic

 – deciduous
Flowering – January to March

Planting Persian ironwood

Preferably in fall to promote root development before winter.
When planting, combine ⅓ heath with your garden soil.

If you live in an area with rather warm climate, select a shade-covered spot.

Follow our advice on planting shrubs.

Pruning Persian ironwood

They don’t need any pruning.
If you wish to reduce or reshape the shrub, it’s rather better to wait for the blooming to end, in spring.

Comments about Persian ironwood

Parrotia persica, which is also called “Ironwood”, can be considered a small tree, but the size still reaches up to 25 feet.

Its colors are magnificent in fall. The leaves then switch to fiery hues of yellow, red and orange.

It is quite easy to grow and is very enjoyable when planted as as a standalone.

Smart tip about Persian ironwood

Mulch prepared from maritime pine bark is ideal to retain soil moisture in summer and hinder weed growth.