Buddleja, planting, pruning, and care

Buddleja flower panicle close up, deep pink color.

Buddleja offers magnificent bunches of flowers that attract butterflies.

Basic Buddleja facts

Family – Scrophulariaceae
Type – shrub

Height – 6 to 13 feet (2 to 4 meters)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – ordinary, rather rich

Foliage – deciduous
Flowering – July to October

Planting, care and pruning are practices that will boost blooming and growth for the buddleja.

Planting Buddleja

Preferably in fall or spring if purchased in a container.
For the first few weeks after planting, water often to ensure proper settling in.

Choose a location that is in full sun but stays cool.

Pruning Buddleja

You’ve got 2 options to prune your buddleja, both cases are at the end of winter:

  • To remodel your buddleja:
    Prune the shoots from the previous year’s growth while ensuring the buddleja has a nice bearing.
  • To frankly rejuvenate your buddleja:
    Cut back as much as you wish, it will grow back even nicer.

Learn more about Buddleja

A large buddleja bush with flowering dark pink blooms attracts beneficial insects to the garden.Also called “butterfly bush”, buddleja blooms in summer for the greatest joy of butterflies!

Forming cute panicles with colors ranging from white and red to pink and purple, this shrub is perfect to plant as a hedge. It also stands out great as a standalone or in a shrub bed.

Not only are the flowers a boon for butterflies: some, like the “large white” butterfly, also lay their eggs on its leaves!

Smart tip about Buddleja

Cut short from November onwards. This will give your shrub even more vigor!

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Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois):
Violet buddleja flower by Christophe Ducourret-Gravereau under Pixabay license
Flowering Buddleja shrub by Martin Pettitt under © CC BY 2.0