Hellebore – the Lenten and Christmas rose

Hellebore, also called Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, blooms beautifully in Winter.

Winter planting

As long as it doesn’t freeze, it’s possible to work on flowering the garden or the balcony even in winter. Perennial and spring bulbs are on the planting checklist here!
Winter flower for planting, hellebore

White hellebore, immaculate white flowers in winter

Though it’s certainly the most famous one, Helleborus niger isn’t the only white hellebore in the world. There are indeed a good twenty species within the Helleborus genus, each of which is again subdivided into many varieties. Of these, there are quite a few hellebore with white flowers.
Single white hellebore

Wild hellebore species that you might stumble upon during hikes

Typically, when one thinks of wild hellebore, what comes to mind is the rare Helleborus foetidus. But there are other varieties that also exist in the wild, such as Helleborus argutifolius, a species that’s endemic in Corsica, Helleborus viridis, a cousin of the stinking hellebore that’s even more rare, and also Helleborus niger, which you […]
Hellebores in the wild in a forest
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