Hellebore, also called Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, blooms beautifully in Winter.

Winter flowers for outdoor garden boxes

Tending to flowers in planters comes naturally in spring and summer, they’re perfect for dressing up our decks and balconies. But winter is also a season where flowers and colors abound!
Heather and other winter flowers in a a stone garden box

White hellebore, pearly white flowers in winter

Though it’s certainly the most famous one, Helleborus niger isn’t the only white hellebore in the world. There are indeed a good twenty species within the Helleborus genus, each of which is again subdivided into many varieties. Of these, there are quite a few hellebore with white flowers.
Single white hellebore

Winter planting

As long as it doesn’t freeze, it’s possible to work on flowering the garden or the balcony even in winter. Perennial and spring bulbs are on the planting checklist here!
Winter flower for planting, hellebore

Black hellebore, stunning white flowers of Helleborus niger

Though it’s called black, the Helleborus niger flower is a pristine white color! Black hellebore key facts Botanical name – Helleborus niger Common name – black hellebore, white hellebore, Christmas rose Family – Ranunculaceae Type – perennial grassy flower
Black hellebore

Green hellebore species and varieties, quiet garden beauties

Hellebore flowers are usually white, pink or violet. But there are a lovely green ones, too! Green hellebore, key facts Botanical name – Helleborus viridis Common name – green hellebore Family – Ranunculaceae Type – perennial herbaceous flower
Green hellebore species
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