Clematis โ€“ truly the Queen of flower vines

Clematis vines grow well along walls. Their blooming is legendary and will often increase the appeal of gardens it’s planted in. These pages show how to grow them.

Tag image (edits by Gaspard Lorthiois): Purple clematis by Joy Burke under Pixabay license

6 fabulous fragrant clematis

Clematis is a famous climbing vine. All varieties bear beautiful flowers. Some also add a delicious fragrant scent to their blooming!
Fragrant clematis

The poetic charm of a dressed pergola

Summer sends its scorching heat out but one spot in the garden offers a cool atmosphere which is perfect for the heat-struck visitor: the canopy pergola covered in plants. An unmistakable feeling of peace calls out from a plant-covered pergola, often set at the entrance of both house and garden. The charm of a pergola […]
Wooden pergola with blooming wisteria
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