Basil is possibly the world’s favorite herb. The many varieties and ways to grow it make it a great choice for beginners and experts, too!

Companion planting in the vegetable patch

Just like humans, vegetables also have friends and foes. Some families stimulate or protect each other. Other families tire each other out and make each other vulnerable. Companion planting is the art of pairing them well!
Raised beds with companion planting

Herbs and spices, everything there is to know about them

Herbs and spices are a perfect match for those who love both gardening and cooking. It is truly enjoyable to snip a leaf of your very own chives to flavor a lettuce salad, your own mint to pair with strawberries and your own basil to chop onto freshly-picked tomato… isn’t it?
Herbs and spices growing in a garden

Repotting basil for it to grow larger

Basil will easily grow in a pot on your windowsill after taking a look at this short useful video. Repot this herb for a flavorful addition to salads, grills and Italian food: pizza, pasta, pesto and the like! Read more ►
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