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Ravintsara health benefits and therapeutic value

Ravintsara health benefits

Famous for its health benefits, ravintsara shares medicinal properties that are good for the body, especially to fight off any virus.


Ravintsara or Madagascar camphorwood is a spice tree native to Asia.

With scientific name “Cinnamomum camphora cineoliferum“, ravintsara is often confused with the ravensara (scientific name: Ravensara aromatica) but their medicinal properties are quite distinct.

Ravintsara, a short story


Ravintsara belongs to the Lauraceae family and was grown for ornamental purposes in its native environment.

When it was brought to Madagascar in the 19th century, ravintsara started demonstrating specific properties thanks to the soil there that was particularly well suited to growing it.


Leaves are distilled to extract essential oil, for which health benefits were extensively explored by therapists. What, then, are the properties of this tree? How does it impact the body? What dosage must be used to avail of its optimal health benefits?


Ravintsara essential oil, health benefits and therapeutic value


Ravintsara harvestRavinstara active ingredients are essentially molecules called superoxide dismutase that confers antiviral effects and 1-8 cineol that makes it an excellent anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant. Terpenes (alpha terpineol) act on the central nervous system. They are excellent for inducing physical and psychological relaxation.


As a potent antiseptic and anti-infectious agent, ravintsara essential oil is used to treat viral disorders. It is an effective remedy against the flu.

  • 3 small drops of ravintsara essential oil diluted in a teaspoon of olive oil or honey 2 times a day to fight against winter ailments.


As a venous decongestant and circulatory tonic, it unclenches muscle tensions, sore muscles, varicose veins, and regulates blood flow simply by applying it on the skin.

When inhaled, its proven activity on the nervous system is energizing, stimulating and combats tiredness, seasonal depression, lack of motivation, anxiety, insomnia, lack of self-esteem, lack of concentration or focus, anguish, mood swings, etc.


Ravintsara essential oil is also effective to treat ENT. It is a powerful expectorant that treats productive (wet) cough, bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis, rhinopharyngitis, and just about any respiratory infection that produces a lot of mucus.


Topical applications on skin of essential oil will treat cutaneous infections, tired skin, acne, dermatitis, boils, labial herpes, and will regenerate your skin.


Uses of ravintsara essential oil


Ravintsara essential oil benefitsUsing ravintsara essential oil can only be beneficial to the body. Whether used internally or externally, the health benefits are uncountable.


Even though it is always important to follow what therapists recommend, the typical doses for ingestion is 2 drops of essential oil on a sugar cube. Ingest 3 times a day in the case of a curative treatment, and 1 time a day preventively. Follow this course for 21 days.


To avail of the cutaneous benefits of this essential oil or to relax muscle tensions, it is recommended to dilute 1 drop in plant-based oil before rubbing it on the desired spot of the body in a light massage.


To treat respiratory disorders and to alleviate anguish and anxiety, or other psycho-emotional disorders, simply inhale the essential oil or use it in a scent dispenser or fragrance dispenser.


If you’re exhausted, ravintsara essential oil must be thinned with plant-based oil before application. Massage along the spine, feet and wrists. Same thing in case of poor blood circulation, or varicose veins: massage it on the affected areas.


Good to know about raventsara


When paired with other oils, ravintsara essential oil has surprising properties:

  • Its anti-inflammatory activity is reinforced together with niaouli essential oil.
  • When used with cinnamon essential oil, its stimulating activity is also reinforced.
  • Grapefruit essential oil has relaxing properties, too, which explains why blending it with ravintsara essential oil will double the relaxing power.


Note that ravintsara essential oil must not be used in any manner by persons who have suffered from ulcers in the past, pregnant and nursing women and children below the age of 3.

If in doubt, meet your consulting physician.


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