Creeping alpine gypsophila, for rocky ground and low walls

gypsophile rampant

Alpine gypsophila is a very cute perennial that blooms in summer.

Key Alpine Gypsophila facts

NameGypsophila repens
Family – Caryophyllaceae
Type – perennial

 – 7 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – Ordinary, chalky, well drained and even dry

Flowering – May to September

Caring for it from planting to pruning is easy and its ornamental impact on rocky ground and low walls is guaranteed.

Planting of alpine gypsophila

From nursery pots, better plant in fall, but also in spring as long as it doesn’t freeze.

  • Upon planting, add a little soil mix to the earth in your garden.
  • Water abundantly at the beginning.

Caring for alpine gypsophila

Gypsophila is a very easy plant to care for that requires practically no care at all and grows abundantly.

Remove wilted flowers regularly if you wish.

  • Remodel the overall silhouette in fall.

Learn more about alpine gypsophila

This grassy perennial makes for ground cover and can become a shrubby plant, and you’ll be thrilled with its very cute tiny white flowers.

On a bed of rocky ground, along a low wall or in a spot among cobblestones, it will quickly settle in and swoon you with its abundant blooming.

Smart tip about gypsophila

Take care to provide for enough space upon planting, because this plant can spread quickly and gobble up space.