Grand Siècle rose


Grand Siècle Rose facts

Name – Delegran
Family shrub rose tree
Type rose tree

30 to 40 inches (80 to 100 cm)
Exposure full sun or part sun
Soil ordinary

Foliage deciduous
Blooming May to December

Planting the Grand Siècle rose

Refer to our page on planting rose trees.

Fragrance of the Grand Siècle rose

rose, fruity

Pruning the Grand Siècle rose

In spring, follow our advice on pruning rose trees.

Comments about the Grand Siècle rose

The Grand Siècle rose tree is a creation that is part of the “Great fragrances” series by Delbard.
It has been widely primed for its beauty, its fragrance and its hardiness.
Flawlessly spiraling flowers count up to 35 pearly pink colored petals that can be shaded with deep red.

Smart tip about the Grand Siècle rose

Remove twigs and weak branches to boost blooming!