Cinquefoil is a yellow-flowering shrub that has evergreen leaves. It’s a favorite in gardens of old because it also has medicinal benefits.

Drought resistant pot arrangements

Are you starting to feel that watering in summer is a chore? Wouldn’t it be pleasing to have only plants with no watering? Select plants that can cope with lack of water and you’ll have found a great solution to your problem!
Olive trees can cope with drought even when in pots.

Cinquefoil, a cinch!

With its appearance evoking wild roses, cinquefoil seems to have been created specifically to introduce beginners to the joys of gardening.

Cinquefoil, a cute bushy plant

Cinquefoil is a very cute shrubby plant that is easy to care for, and which has a blooming that lasts all summer long.
Yellow cinquefoil shrub
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