ZZ plant varieties

ZZ plant unfurling its leaves

The ZZ plant is famous the world over: beautifully stunning and nearly impossible to kill, it is perfect for modern homes and gardens. But which of the types of ZZ plant is best for you? Let’s take a look at the main Zamioculcas varieties:

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The ZZ plant is a great indoor and office plant. In the tropics, it does great outdoors, too! The main varieties and types of Zamioculcas you can come across are here (links jump to the right paragraph in the page):

Raven ZZ plant, when elegance is called for

Black Raven ZZ plant in a corner Black is a color that fits in every setting. When we’re talking about plants, there’s definitely something special going on!

The raven ZZ plant is a variety that has leaves that turn darker and darker as they age. It appeared on the market in 2017 and took it by storm.

ZZ Jungle Warrior, a new black ZZ plant

Black zz plant, Jungle warrior, and a couchThere’s very little difference between the ZZ Jungle Warrior and the now-famous Raven ZZ plant. The main difference is in the distribution networks.

Indeed, the Jungle Warrior is predominantly available in Australia, whereas the Raven appears in stores across North America and Europe.

Zenzi, short and stout

Stocky Zenzi plantThe Zenzi is a Zamioculcas cultivar that has a “dwarf” trait. This means it doesn’t grow tall!

The other features of the plant are nonetheless similar. The overall effect of this plant is that it looks short and stocky.

In a way, it pairs very well with plants that have similar traits, like Adenium and Ficus Ginseng!

Zamicro, to prove that small is cute!

Zamicro Zamioculcas plantZamicro is also a tiny cultivar, but the proportions of the plant are similar to the normal, taller varieties.

Zamicro is perfect for apartments and to decorate smaller offices. For the designer-savvy among us, a black version exists, too: the ‘Zamicro Dark’.

Lucky ZZ, classic and Giant, rounded leaves for more softness

Lucky giant zz plant with rounded leaf endsA series of round-leaved Zamioculcas also exists now. This is the Lucky Series.

In particular, the Lucky Giant stands out thanks to its height: it can reach to over 3-4 feet (1 to 1.30 meters), even indoors!

The leaf isn’t completely round, though. It’s more of an oval, but the round tip gives it a nice, soft touch.

Variegated ZZ plants

Some mutated leaves have given rise to variegated Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Variegated ZZ plants are quite rare with green and white leaves. They are much rarer and harder to find. There is a Lucky plant that is variegated, it’s called the ‘Lucky White’.

Two colors appear most often: white, and the more seldom yellow. This has led to new cultivars called ‘Gold’. And sometimes, an entire shoot turns out pale yellow, turning into an albino zz plant!

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Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois): Flower Council Holland
CC BY-SA 2.0: Rego Korosi, Tom Knight