Royal fern, Osmonda


Royal Fern or Osmonda facts

Name – Osmunda regalis
Family Osmondaceae
Type fern, perennial

5 feet (1.5 meters)
Exposure part sun
Soil rather moist

Flowering none

Planting royal fern, osmonda

Spring or fall.
Water abundantly after having planted your royal Osmonda.

Propagation is through crown division in spring.

Pruning royal fern, osmonda

They don’t need any pruning.

All there is to know about royal fern, osmonda

This fern displays a majestic bearing thanks to its height, but its lofty elegance also is appealing.
It is perfect for shady, damp areas where the bright green fronds will bring color to your flower beds.

Smart tip about royal fern, osmonda

Keep the soil moist during summer heat waves.