Gazania, easy and summer-worthy

Cluster of yellow Gazania flowers

Gazania, first of all, is a mesmerizing flower thanks to its summer blooming, but it is also surprisingly easy to deal with given that it is extremely resilient.

Key Gazania facts

Name – Gazania splendens
Family – Asteraceae
Type – perennial

Height – 4 to 14 inches (10 to 35 cm)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – ordinary, well drained

Flowering – May to September/October

Even without watering a single drop, you’ll have flowers all summer long!

Planting gazania

Preferably choose to plant in spring in a blend of earth and soil mix.

  • Try to opt for a spot in the sun to have beautiful flowers.
  • Avoid very heavy soil, better to plant in light soil.
  • Water lightly only at the beginning.

For sowing from seed, proceed to sow under shelter in February-March.  Transplant once to a nursery pot during the month of April, and set in place in May.

  • The sowing isn’t always easy, beginners beware…

Pruning, and caring for gazania

Gazania care is practically pointless, but the blooming will be all the nicer if you:

  • Plant in flower plant soil mix.
  • Cut off wilted flowers as soon as they wilt. This keeps the plant from wasting energy. Instead, it dedicates itself to growing new flowers.
  • Water your gazania from time to time if it is grown in pots.
  • Possible to add flower plant fertilizer during the blooming season.

Gazania in winter

Gazania is usually sold as an annual wherever it freezes. However, with a little protection, there’s a good chance of overwintering without dying off.

When potted, your gazania will die if it freezes. Try moving the pots to a greenhouse or lean-in where it won’t freeze.

In the ground, gazania has a greater chance of survival, especially if the soil drains well. Remember to protect the plant for winter. For example, spread a 6-inch (15 cm) layer of loose hay or dead leaves. Only remove this protection when temperatures consistently rise above 40°F (5°C).

All there is to know about gazania

Gazania flower unfurling its petalsThis cute perennial typically grown as an annual. It has very beautiful colored flowers in shades of yellow and orange, and their contours are sharply marked.

It grows perfectly well in perennial flower beds, along edges or in rocky ground. Gazania also does great in garden boxes for your balconies and terraces.

What makes gazania so unique and popular aside from its beautiful blooming is the fact that it tolerates drought and doesn’t need any watering.

Whether it’s in a pot, a flower bed, and even smack in the middle of a rock mound, its ornamental impact is guaranteed!

Smart tip about gazania

Gazania loves sun a lot and doesn’t fear heat in the least!

Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois):
Blooming gazania by Teodor ★ under Pixabay license
Unfurling petals by Lou Kelly under Pixabay license