Fushia, flowers all the more beautiful that spelling them is hard

Sorry for the capital letters in the meta-title that led you here – I’m aiming for the emotional jolt to lock the following in your mind!

The true spelling of this confusing word is actually fuchsia.

Tips on remembering the right spelling for fuchsia

A personal favorite to remember the spelling is:

“I know there are three letters S, C and H jumbled in there, and their order is alphabetical : CHS !”

Another easy way to remember the correct spelling is to note the following:

  • F uchsia’s
  • U nique
  • C orrect
  • H orticultural
  • S pelling
  • I s
  • A bnormal!

Lastly, if you know German, you can remember that the name comes from someone called “Mr. Fox”: FUCHS in German!