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Caucasian pincushion flower

Caucasian pincushion

Caucasian pincushion flower is as cute as it is discrete, and encountering it is sure to lift your spirits.

Caucasian pincushion flower facts

Name – Scabiosa caucasica
Family – Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle family)
Type – perennial

 – 16 to 32 inches (40 to 80 cm)
Exposure – full sun

Soil: ordinary, well drained  –  Flowering: end of spring to early fall

Scabiosa caucasica used to help treat scabies and its scientific Latin name comes from that usage.

Planting, sowing pincushion flower

Spring is the recommended planting season for the pincushion flower. Keep a space of about 12 inches (30 cm) between specimens.

  • Plant the pincushion flower in the sun for abundant and durable blooming.
  • If possible, provide a bit of compost around the stem to make the soil richer.

If you’d rather proceed to sow pincushion flower from seed, start in March or April under cover to protect it from the last frost spells.

  • Sow in light and well drained soil mix.
  • Water regularly with a fine drizzle.
  • Transplant to the ground starting in May when the last frosts are past.

Pruning and caring for pincushion flower

Care caucasian pincushionAn easy plant to care for, this Scabiosa doesn’t require much attention.

Remove wilted flowers regularly (deadheading) in order to boost flower-bearing.

In fall, once leaves and flowers have wilted away, mulch the base of each stem with a fair pile of dried leaves to protect them from the cold and winter frost spells.

All there is to know about the pincushion flower

Pincushion flower attracting a butterflyThis very cute perennial begets interesting and luminous flowers in shades of violet-blue, white or lavender.

In beds, along edges, it will thrive without requiring any care at all.

You should go for regular but moderate watering over the summer season.

Lastly, note that pincushion flowers are great additions to your vegetable patch, since they’ll attract important beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees.

Smart tip about the pincushion flower

Adding special organic “flower plant” fertilizer in spring can boost the blooming.

Images: CC BY-SA 2.0: Peter D. Tillman; Pixabay: Dust in the Wind, Sonja Kalee
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