Pepper, the spice, either comes from a short shrub, or from a tree. Sichuan pepper is one of them, with a special tongue-tazing taste! Growing and care.

Pink Peppercorn, the false pepper: Shinus molle

Shinus molle, or pink peppercorn, is an elegant tree native to South America. Pink Peppercorn facts, a short list Name: Schinus molle Common: false pepper, peruvian peppertree Family: Anacardiaceae Type: tree Height: 50 to 65 feet (15 to 20 meters) Exposure: full sun Soil: ordinary Foliage: evergreen  –  Blooming: spring → fall  –  Fruit set: summer → fall Planting pink peppercorn It […]
Shinus molle, pink peppercorn

Grow flowers for food!

Certain flowers are both ornamental and edible. Feel free to try them out, a feast for eyes and taste buds alike!
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