Lime tree

The Lime tree, or linden, is a tall tree fit for parks and large gardens. Elegant and hardy, its little flowers produce delicious tea when boiled.

Lime tree, a generous tree

Its heart-shaped leaves have turned it into a symbol of love and faithfulness… But lime tree is more than anything an easy tree to grow, with rapid growth and refreshing shade.
Lime tree, a generous giver of many gifts

11 plant-me-now melliferous shrubs for pollinators

As appealing to us as they are to pollinators, melliferous plant species are where pollinator insects reign as kings. These beautiful flowers are gorged with pollen and nectar offered up for pollinators to feed on, a trade-off that 80% of all flower-bearing species sign up for in order to reproduce.
Pollinator shrubs

Lower fever naturally with plants

Fever, this common and frequent ailment that everyone has experienced, is a symptom revealed through abnormally high body temperature in the absence of any intense physical effort. Plants can help treat it.
Cup and saucer with thermometer and ginger
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