Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices of all sorts are often the last to be added to a garden. Change this now: the earlier you start, the tastier and healthier your meals!

Hyssop, a flowery plant that does heaps for health

With hint of agastache in its appearance, hyssop is a garden favorite thanks to its fragrant blue flower panicles. And there’s much more! The benefits of this medicinal plant helps treat a number of ENT disorders, digestive problems, and anxiety.
Hyssop flower with butterfly

Garlic, how to grow it

Garlic is a perennial vegetable plant which is a must-have in the vegetable patch. It craves sun.
Cloves of garlic ready for planting

Sorrel, a unique taste

Sorrel is a delicious herb plant from which the leaves are eaten. Their acidic taste is quite distinctive.
Sorrel growing, care and harvest
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