Plants of the cactaceae family will be all the happier if you forget to water them! The key to survival is drainage.

Barbary fig health benefits and therapeutic value

The Barbary fig tree or Opuntia ficus-indica is a cactus that grows 6 ½ to 16 feet (2 to 5 meters) tall. Sweet fruit on the flat, paddle-shaped segments covered with bunches of needles are actually chock full of health benefits.
Benefits of barbary fig

Barbary fig, the cactus with paddles and prickly pear fruits

Barbary fig, or Opuntia ficus-indica, is the cactus that bears prickly pears. Barbary fig key facts Botanical name – Opuntia ficus‑indica Common names – barbary fig, Mickey Mouse cactus, prickly pear, tree cactus Family – Cactaceae Type – perennial cactus Height – 15 feet (5 m) and more Soil – light, well-draining, any pH Hardiness […]
Barbary fig paddles

Opuntia vulgaris, caring for Mickey Mouse paddle cactus

Opuntia vulgaris is a paddle cactus with flat, round leaf-stems. Opuntia vulgaris facts Latin name: Opuntia vulgaris Mill. Common name: Paddle cactus, Mickey Mouse Family: Cactaceae Type: Succulent plant Height: 18 feet (6 m) Indoor use: pot Exposure: full sun Soil: limestone, sand, well-drained Planting : year-round in containers  –  Flowering : June to July Opuntia Vulgaris is a succulent […]
Opuntia vulgaris

Repotting a prickly cactus

Zounds do those spikes hurt! Coyote and Roadrunner would have loved watching this video that shows how to repot a cactus without prickling your fingers! Pot size, soil mix, and special trick to go about safely repotting your cactus. Works great for Mammillaria and other cactus (flowering or not). Read more ►

Mammillaria, a family of easy-care cactus

Key Mammillaria facts: Botanical name – Mammillaria spp. Common name – Mammillaria, pillow cactus, cushion cactus, and more depending on the species Family – Cactaceae Type – Cactus Height – 16 inches (40 cm) Use – pot Exposure – light, but without direct light Soil – sandy, gravely, well-drained, dry Planting – spring Flowering – […]
Indoors, mammillaria grows in pots easily

Cactus and succulents, 3 easy varieties to grow

Do you tend to forget watering your plants? Succulents and Cactus are the solution! These plants are virtually care-free. Their many shapes and sizes lend a touch of exotic graphic shapes to your home.
Cactus and succulents
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