Actinidia – the kiwi tree

Growing kiwi in your garden is definitely something to try.
Just follow a few key rules and look up all the tips and tricks in our Actinidia vine posts.

Kiwi, it helps prevent heart disease

The kiwi, a world-famous fuzz-covered brown fruit has long been known to harbor many health benefits and a high nutritional value. It belongs to the Actinidiaceae family. For the past 2000 years, this fruit has been cultivated and grown, often to provide for tasty desserts. It’s among the few food items known to trigger allergy.
Kiwi sliced open and set upon a cloth

Grow kiwi from seed

Who hasn’t wondered whether those thousands of tiny black pips could ever amount to anything? We all have! And the good news is: yes!
Growing kiwi from seed

Pruning kiwi to increase harvests, a 2 minute video

Actinidia is the sweet scientific name of the kiwi plant, but pruning and caring for isn’t nearly as complicated with this simple easy video that shows when to prune, how to go about it and how long and short to cut. Read more ►
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