Kahili ginger, the ginger lily flower

Kahili ginger

Kahili ginger isn’t grown for spice: it’s a beautiful flower!

Key Ginger lily facts

NameHedychium gardnerianum
Common – ginger lily, kahili ginger
Type – rhizome perennial

Height – 2 to 5 feet (60 to 150 cm)
Exposure – full sun, part sun

Soil: ordinary, cool      –      Flowering: summer to late fall

Planting kahili ginger

Preferably in spring for specimens purchased in nursery pots. Mix your earth with flower plant soil mix.

This plant isn’t hardy at all. It will die if exposed to frost. In temperatures slightly above freezing, a thick layer of mulch is recommended for it to stay alive.

Kahili ginger in a pot

You can grow this magnificent ginger in a pot, but you’ll have to repot it often. Replacing the pot and reducing the root ball is required every 2 years, sometimes every year. Like the ZZ plant, these powerful rhizomes can burst their pot open if left unattended.

Pruning ginger lily

Remove withered stems as they appear.

Learn more about kahili ginger

Ginger lilyThis very beautiful perennial with an upright bearing and an abundant blooming produces cute fragrant flowers.
Its growth is quick, especially if the plant only receives indirect sun.

Prefer part shade or light sun.

Smart tip about wild ginger

Let us use organic care products to protect our planet.

Images: Public Domain: kbkash, Peter de Lange