Ginger is, for most of us, a root that appears in stores. But many know it as a beautiful flower! Varieties from across the world and how to care for them.

Kahili ginger, the ginger lily flower

Kahili ginger isn’t grown for spice: it’s a beautiful flower! Key Ginger lily facts Name – Hedychium gardnerianum Common – ginger lily, kahili ginger Family – Zingiberaceae Type – rhizome perennial Height – 2 to 5 feet (60 to 150 cm) Exposure – full sun, part sun Soil: ordinary, cool      –      Flowering: summer to late fall Planting kahili […]
Kahili ginger

Lower fever naturally with plants

Fever, this common and frequent ailment that everyone has experienced, is a symptom revealed through abnormally high body temperature in the absence of any intense physical effort. Plants can help treat it.
Cup and saucer with thermometer and ginger
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