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Make your cactus bloom with a sequence of light and temperature

How to make a cactus bloom, here a ring of flowers

Many cactus plants are considered extremely appealing to decorate the inside of our apartments and homes. It may be unexpected, but these growing conditions offer great potential for cactus flowers to appear.

Surprisingly, nearly 70% of the most common types of cactus can bear amazing blooming.

How to get flowers on a cactusA time of dormancy is required. At the end of this period, usually after winter, beautiful flowers will appear in many shaped and colors depending on the type of cactus plant you’re caring for.

Some cactus species will bear flowers that only last a single day or night. Others will bear only a single flower in their lifetime. The great majority will bear flowers multiple times, and they can last quite a while, too!

Steps to trigger blooming on a cactus

Steps to ensure your cactus blooms and flowersThe saying goes that to make a cactus bloom, you need to recreate the harsh environment it usually encounters in its natural growing environment.

Two rules you must follow for your cactus to flower are the dormant period and a complete lack of water during this time.

Most cactus are plants that tend to live in dry, arid portions of the globe. They expect to spend many months without collecting a single drop of rain.

  • Opuntia cactus with flowersDon’t water at all during the 6 coolest months of the year (usually October to March in the Northern Hemisphere, March to October in the Southern hemisphere).
  • Keep the plant in a cool spot that is nonetheless very dry, with excellent light.
  • The ideal temperature varies from 40°F to 50°F (5°C to 10°C). However, some types of cactus that live in deserts can resist extreme cold temperatures, all the way down to -30°C.
  • When warm days start becoming more frequent again, in spring, you can bring your cactus back in the house. Temperatures will be warmer. Provide a lot of light still.
  • Most often, the beginning of spring is when your cactus will bloom.

Here are a few special tips a professional cactus grower shares to help a cactus bloom:


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Smart tip about the cactus

Note that keeping cactus plants in a bedroom isn’t a problem at all. Indeed, it tends to release more oxygen than it does carbon dioxide, unlike most other houseplants.


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CC BY 2.0: Kevin Dooley, Dennis Hill, Renee Grayson
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