Use dowsing to set your garden up!

dowsing garden

Should you plant here, or rather there? What if you relied on dowsing to find the perfect spot and work towards a bountiful garden?

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Why rely on dowsing?

Stick used for dowsingDowsing is the study of the relationship between an environment and its inhabitants. When used to set up an ornamental garden or a vegetable patch, it helps find the right spot for each plant depending on the energy that a converge at each location: earth energy, cosmic energy coming from the ground and sky (this encompasses influence of the moon, electromagnetic fields and underground water patterns), and also considers the ground’s capacity to revert to past settings. From this data, experts map out two major networks that criss-cross along a lot: the Hartmann and Curry grids. Putting these into play helps find the best place for a plant depending on exposure to wind, sun and the soil’s resources.

Dowsing: how to proceed

Dowsing to set up a gardenCertain persons are said to naturally be more sensitive to positive or negative energy in any given spot, which helps them in selecting adequate plants. Patricia Grolier, a garden author, is able to detect faults and water sources. She drew out and planted all her gardens using this “science”: “Most of all, I use underground water patterns”, she shares. “I detect them, and double check with my dowsing rod. I don’t plant immediately above it, but offset the plants a bit; they then send their roots to the water for their needs. My plants are much taller and healthier than in other gardens”, she insists. “Of course, without adding any fertilizer other than compost, as all gardeners do.”

Find water dowsingIf using a dowsing rod or a pendulum is something you can’t fathom, you’ll have to ask a dowsing expert. He or she will map out the Hartmann and Curry grid of your garden, and will give you accurate advice. Hartmann grid lines, in particular, are said to have a strong influence on living beings, since they’re a summary of many types of influences. To cut it short, it’s best not to plant wherever two Hartmann lines meet (a node), nor is it proper to plant above an underground water river, or else your tree will die or grow stunted.

Beautiful garden, happy gardener

Planting at the right place is the assurance that your garden will be a success. It’s encouraging enough and provides the gardener with much satisfaction! Moreover, dowsing can also help in placing a terrace, a pergola, a bench… because the gardener is also a being subject to the same influences as plants are! All in all, it’s a conscious act to sync in with the place and with nature that the gardener engages in.

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Images: dreamstime: Vika, Pixabay: Rang Oza, Hans Braxmeier, Erich Westendarp