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Brunnera macrophylla, Caucasian forget-me-not

Brunnera stalk with flowers and leaves

Brunnera is a cute biennial particularly appreciated for its foliage and blue forget-me-not flowers.

Essential Brunnera facts

Name – Brunnera macrophylla
Family – Boraginaceae
Type – biennial

 – 12 to 20 inches (30 to 50 cm)
Exposure – part sun
Soil – rather rich and cool

 – deciduous
Flowering – March to May

Often used to spruce up rocky ground, edges and flower beds, it is a plant that is self-sowing and will cover up sparse and bare spots well.

Planting brunnera

For them to bloom in spring, it is recommended to plant brunnera in fall in a blend of garden soil, soil mix and if possible organic soil conditioner.

It is perfectly possible to plant during springtime and that’s even required for annual and biennial varieties.

As for the sowing, opt for sowing directly in the plot starting from the month of May and over the entire summer season.

  • Brunnera will thrive in places where the hottest hours of the day are covered with a bit of share.
  • The ground must stay cool, drain well and must be enriched on or before planting.
  • In waterlogged, poorly draining soil, Brunnera macrophylla might not survive the winter.
  • Spread plants to about 5 specimens to a square yard (1 m²).

Pruning and caring for Brunnera

Pruning brunnera

Remove wilted flowers as they appear, since this increases production of new flowers of increasing size and durability.

  • Once all the flowers and leaves have wilted away, it’s possible to remove airborne portions of the plant that tend to look ungainly.
  • Eliminate blackened leaves as they appear.

Watering brunnera

  • Brunnera macrophylla care leads to cute bloomingIn spring, you can water if it doesn’t rain for a long time.
  • Provide for regular watering for plants growing potted or in garden boxes.
  • Over the summer, water often during the warmer weeks.

Regular weeding helps the plant set up shop and settle in for the long run.

Learn more about brunnera

Brunnera is a cute plant with particularly ornamental leaves. It is particularly well suited to cool, moist regions and clay soil is where it will feel best.

In winter, the fuzz helps brunnera macrophylla to resist the cold a bitIts foliage, dense and very aesthetic, flashes flicks of silver and deep green.

This cute little perennial that bears nice blue bunches of flowers will find a place in your flower beds, along edges or on rocky terrain, and can also be included in pot arrangements and garden boxes to flower any balcony and terrace.

Care is effortless and its brunnera growth is quick, it will flower abundantly all spring long with a special myosotis-like blue hue all spring long.

Note that brunnera is hardy to the cold and to freezing down to -22°F (-30°C).

Smart tip about brunnera

Avoid locations that feel scorching in summer because brunnera hates summer drought.

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