Madagascar jasmine

Stephanotis is a vine that’s often offered as a gift. Madagascar jasmine smells so delicious! Caring for it is a bit tricky, though. Help is here!

Stephanotis, a flower for the famous

Stephanotis (or Madagascar jasmine) was the favorite plant of Marilyn Monroe. The blooming does require a little care, but its elegant flowers that release such an incredible intense odor are worth the work! A lucky charm plant native to Madagascar, from whence it was brought in the XIXth century, Stephanotis is traditionally used in bridal […]
Stephanotis is a flower loved by famous people

Training Madagascar jasmine on a structure

Stephanotis is a fabulous fragrant vine. Both blooms and leafage are magnificent. Where the climate permits, it’s the perfect flower vine to train up a lattice or trellis! Here are
Training a stephanotis vine
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