Australian finger lime

Australian finger lime, or finger lime for short, is a citrus native to Oceania. Grow and care for it with these guidelines

Finger lime fruit set, fruit drop – and harvest!

Australian finger lime is a delicious citrus fruit that’s easy to grow as an indoor plant. It’s sometimes difficult to get it to bear fruit and keep them from dropping. But in the end, you’ll get a great harvest!
finger lime fruiting

Citrus varieties, the main types to grow indoors and outside

Bright-colored fruit, packed with vitamins, citrus definitely bring sun and a happy way of life to mind, even at the heart of winter. Today, they’re grown in orchards all over the planet. In temperate climates, only milder regions grow them in fields, but many citrus varieties are grown in potted plants from North to South […]
Citrus varieties on display
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