Aven, advice on caring for it


Aven is a perennial that is very easy to grow and you’ll find its capacity to cover the ground appealing.

A summary of Aven facts

Name Geum chiloense
Family Rosaceae
Type perennial

12 to 24 inches (30 to 60 cm)
Exposure full sun, part sun
Soil ordinary, well drained

Flowering June to September

Its yellow, orange and red flowers are very ornamental.

Planting aven

Plant in spring and space plants at least 30 inches (20 cm) from each other.

Mix your earth with special flower plant soil mix.

  • Propagate through crown division after the blooming or at the beginning of spring.

Pruning and caring for aven

Remove wilted flowers regularly (deadheading).

All there is to know about aven

This cute perennial that belongs to the Rosaceae family exists in several species. Some have double flowers (see picture) whereas others have simple flowers. Colors range from red to yellow with all the orange hues in between.

In your garden, aven will form an elegant ground cover of leaves studded with beautiful flowers.

Smart tip about aven

Some stems grow quite tall; it makes sense to stake them to avoid having them break due to wind.