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Amaryllis care after blooming is over

Amaryllis bulb

Amaryllis is a magnificent indoor plant that can grow outdoors if the climate is warm enough.

After flowering, amaryllis can bloom again year after year in your house if a few rules to care for it are followed…

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Why are the flowers of my amaryllis plant withering?

Amaryllis flower wiltingAmaryllis is slowly entering its “dormant” phase.

It has worked a lot to produce these magnificent flowers, and it now needs to be cared for until the next blooming season in the following winter.

How to get amaryllis to flower again

In spring, at the end of the blooming season

  • Amaryllis bulb with no rootsKeep watering regularly but start reducing watering frequency while still adding strongly diluted doses of liquid fertilizer (about twice as diluted as the prescribed dose written on the packaging) every two weeks.
  • When the leaves start turning yellow, further reduce watering and fertilizer intake, and stop completely two weeks later.
  • When the last flower has withered, cut the stem about 1 inch (3 cm) above the bulb.
  • Place the pot in a spot sheltered from direct sunlight so that its last leaves can dry off completely.

In fall, to make it bloom again

  • Amaryllis bulb with rootsBetween October and March, place it in its usual spot so that it may wake up from its dormant state.
  • Remove as much of the old surface soil mix as is possible without damaging the roots, and replace it with fresh soil mix.
  • Start watering regularly again, at least once a week and every time the soil is dry, and add fertilizer twice a month.
  • It will start growing again normally, and will again bless you with new and dazzling flowers a few weeks later!

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