Traditionally, impatiens only thrives in shade. Sunpatiens has changed that! Learn to grow, water, protect from drying out, and diseases on Sunpatiens.

Sunpatiens seeds, cuttings and propagation – what’s allowed and what’s not

Sunpatiens is a plant that has been patented and trademarked. This means it’s forbidden to propagate it without permission. This status refers to cuttings, but seeds aren’t impacted. Sakata Seed Corporation is the current owner. It alone authorizes greenhouses and growers to prepare and propagate Sunpatiens flower cuttings. Seeds may appear spontaneously on a Sunpatiens; […]
Propagating sunpatiens seeds and cuttings

Problems with sunpatiens? Possible diseases and pests

Sunpatiens is a type of impatiens bred to resist most diseases. However, it still occasionally falls sick and has to deal with pests! More about sunpatiens: Sunpatiens: Impatiens for sun Cuttings and propagation Wilting sunpatiens Pests on Sunpatiens Tiny bugs on sunpatiens Although generally not so vulnerable to diseases and parasites, occasionally you’ll notice an […]
Sunpatiens problems
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