Plant raspberry and never be without berries again! These resilient fruit shrubs are perfect because they don’t require much care. Pruning once a year.

11 plant-me-now melliferous shrubs for pollinators

As appealing to us as they are to pollinators, melliferous plant species are where pollinator insects reign as kings. These beautiful flowers are gorged with pollen and nectar offered up for pollinators to feed on, a trade-off that 80% of all flower-bearing species sign up for in order to reproduce.
Pollinator shrubs

Raspberry plants, how to prune them

This tutorial is full of smart tips on how to grow raspberries. The quick tempo will tell you all the steps to produce raspberries and pruning the plant well. Bon appetit! Learn more ►

Red berries for the summer

Raspberry, black currant, red currant: to ensure a plentiful harvest of small fruits in the following summer, plant in fall.
Red currant, one of the most popular summer berries.
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