Nature & Garden forum guidelines

A forum is a place to share and help each other out – it’s not fun when it’s flooded with crude comments, bad language, and unsolicited advertising. At Nature & Garden, registered members don’t see any advertising on forum pages when they’re logged in. Guidelines and terms of use for the Nature & Garden forum […]
Forum guidelines

Writing up a signature on the Nature & Garden forum

A signature is a nice way to introduce yourself to other Nature & Garden community members. Here are a few tips on how it works on this forum. Do’s and Don’ts of your signature Some things should remain private: after all, this entire forum is public. This means anybody can access and view posts, replies, […]
Nature and Garden signature guide

Picture taken down

Hi! The picture can’t be found on the original picture-hosting website anymore. Read below to find out why not and how you can get more information on the picture and/or artist who shared it. Why isn’t the picture there anymore? It seems you wanted to learn more about a picture from a Nature & Garden […]
Photographer with camouflage.
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