WWoofing as a host: a great experience

Come with us! We’re going to meet a Franco-British couple who decided to start a lavender farm project near Montpelier. For years, these farmers have been welcoming volunteers. They’re now sharing their experience about WWOOFing from a host’s point of view.
Wwoofing host in France

How to WWOOF? Three steps to start trying it out

For you too, is getting started with WWOOF now an obvious choice? After all, it is a very affordable way to travel, a great way to learn about farming, and an excellent source of enriching experiences. To get started, it’s very simple: explore, join, and make contact. Then, all you have to do is prepare […]
WWoof how to try

3 powerful reasons to try WWOOF

The number of organic farms and volunteers joining the WWOOF network is increasing rapidly. You may be wondering why you should try WWOOF and what the benefits are. There are several possible answers, and they all have one thing in common: you’re certain to experience something different from anything else!
Reasons why to try wwoof

What is WWOOF? A farm experience based on sharing!

WWOOFing is a concept created in 1971 in the United Kingdom. At first, it just aimed to make exchanges easier between organic food farmers and city dwellers. Today, it’s a rapidly-growing organization that connects volunteers and welcoming host farms. But what is WWOOFing in reality?
WWOOF definition
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