Holes in the garden… and in veggies? It’s the vole!

Even if you try your best to be an animal lover, voles still tend to get on your nerves. This short-lived rodent has the annoying habit of turning the ground in your vegetable garden into a vast network of tunnels. And to make matters worse,
Vole, rodent

Shrew, a cute and helpful fellow in the garden

Though mice and voles are not friends in the garden, every shrew is greatly welcomed! Indeed, this small mammal spends its nights (and days!) munching on all kinds of harmful insects that come its way.

Invasive bindweed, here is how to get rid of it. Most of all, don’t just pull!

Like quackgrass, field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) and hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium) belong to this category of weeds that are hard to get rid of. Vigorous and fast-growing, bindweed winds and twines around plant stems, climbs up fences, creeps along the ground in vegetable gardens… And it teases the gardener with its pure white or pink […]
Bindweed, how to get rid of it
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