Pruning plants like shrubs, fruit trees, rose trees…

Secateur positionned to prune a plant

Although plants survive in nature without being pruned, this practice is often needed to increase flowering or fruit formation.

Don’t be afraid of pruning shrubs, fruit trees or rose trees.

In reality, the risk you’re taking isn’t really high, and your experience will help you get better year after year.

For every type of plant, you’ll find the right tips to succeed for sure!


Pruning the most common shrubs

Pruning shrubs

When is the best time to trim a hedge?

Pruning hydrangeas

Pruning boxwood

Pruning fruit trees

Winter pruning of fruit trees

Pruning apple and pear trees

Pruning grapevines

Fruit-inducing pruning

Pruning rose trees

Pruning climbing rose trees
climbing rose tree

Pruning bush and cane rose trees
pruning rose tree

Pruning all rose trees
Pruning rose trees


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